Puppy & Kitten Care

Everyone loves puppies and kittens! This is the stage when they are liveliest and cutest, and most people find this time of life to be the most exciting. It’s a great time to establish a life-long relationship with your new pet.

However, young animals can be particularly susceptible to infections and internal and external parasites. That’s why we recommend scheduling an appointment at Strawbridge Animal Care so that one of our veterinarians can evaluate your new pet as soon as possible. This helps in two ways: first, by building rapport between the veterinarian and your pet, making future visits less traumatic; and second, by ensuring that your pet is healthy and stays healthy. During the visit, as needed, we can perform simple tests to ensure the initial and longer-term health of the newest member of your family. Getting started on routine immunizations is also an important part of initial visits since young cats and dogs can require several booster immunizations to establish protection from many common infectious diseases.

The veterinarians and staff at Strawbridge Animal Care are pet owners, too. They have experienced the joys and challenges of owning and caring for young pets. We won’t be shy about offering advice on how to protect your young pet from hazards in your home, such as toxic and dangerous materials, medications, and choking hazards. Pet-proofing your home is job one! And then, there’s a long list of “wellness responsibilities,” including providing a high-quality puppy or kitten food, sufficient exercise and activity, and plenty of affection!

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