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The Strawbridge Animal Care team has always taken excellent care of my family’s pets. My family and I PCS-ed here about a year ago, along with our beloved fur-babies. Strawbridge immediately made us feel like family and that our pets are getting the care that they deserve. Our vet trips have been more than just the usual wellness check-ups, which have been emotionally stressful for both my animals and my family, but Strawbridge has handled each situation knowledgeably, professionally, and caringly. I mean, have you every tried to give a pill to an incredibly sassy, independent, (and surprisingly strong) tortie cat? Strawbridge has voluntarily done that for me- and with a smile on their face! & that is just one example of their kindness. It says a lot when an animal lover and fur-parent can trust someone to care for their babies; I trust Strawbridge Animal Care!

Danielle S.

Our dog, Jack, has had several medical issues and he is a frequent patient. Each and every time we are in the clinic, Jack and I are treated with amazing kindness. Dr. Salmon has been so patient in answering all my questions about whichever issue Jack is dealing with and Izzel holds a special place in Jack’s heart because she gives him the best treats. The front desk staff is awesome as well. Very thankful for all the crew at Strawbridge Animal Care!

Michelle P.

Strawbrige Animal Care is amazing if you have sick fur-babies or are just getting routine care. The staff is so inviting, helpful and accommodating to your needs. Their hours are also awesome for pet parents who have busy work schedules themselves. They truly do care and are a wonderful team. About a year ago we moved and are now about 20-25mins away but there is not even a thought of changing to a closer vet office! Thank you for the extraordinary care you all provide!!!

Sarah G.

New to the area and finding a new vet is always stressful. The staff was super friendly and eased my worried mind. I even spoke to a customer in the waiting room who has been going there for years and has been extremely satisfied. Waiting was minimal and the Dr was attentive. Happy that we found our happy place! This is definitely “our place.”

Angela T.

They were the absolute best! My puppy had a severe reaction to a bee sting. My family and I were terrified. Since we do not normally go here, we were not sure if they could help; but, they took her immediately and went to work to save her. She was treated so well, and they were so kind to us. Thank you for saving Lulu!!!

Ciara W.

Just visited yesterday! Dr. Salmon and all the staff at Strawbridge Animal Care are warm, welcoming, knowledgeable and exceeded my expectations when it came to taking care of my pet. I am thankful my pet’s health is in their hands!

Chelsea M.

Thank goodness for the care they gave my Aussie in an emergency. His usual vet could not get him in. One quick call and we had an appt for 30 minutes later. Excellent care, treated us like long time patients, and took great care with my dog.

Denise B.

Our 1 year old dog Eli had issues at 9:30 pm , I rushed there and couldn’t be happier with the way the personal and vet handled the situation… they will be our veterinarian from now on!

Virginie A.

Staff took time to let my girl become more comfortable in the environment. They also were very liberal with the peanut butter and I’m sure that helped some too!

Faith W.

A great, caring staff. I was a mess with having to put down my 15 year old cat. They helped me deal with the loss.

Tricia P.

I’m so grateful to the Dr. Jones at Strawbridge Animal Care for saving my puppy CA’NO life he means the world to me thank you thank you!

Jessie M.

They did everything they could to save my cat (Stryker). I walked in at 11pm with a sick cat and they immediately helped him. Even though he didn’t make it, the effort and the kind attention made it a bit easier. Thank you, I’d highly recommend this vet clinic!

Aubrey H.

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